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HR Employment Solutions Accident Procedure:

The following guidelines are to be followed in the event of an injury, illness or death on-the-job.

  • HR Employment Solutions must be notified immediately when an injury or accident occurs.
  • Laredo - 956.568.3466
  • The branch manager or staff member will handle all work related injuries
  • An incident/accident report will be completed by the HRES Manager/Staff Member. A statement in writing must be given by the employee and your
  • company representative. Every attempt is made to return the employee back to full duty as soon as possible. HRES works closely
  • with local medical facilities to ensure that proper medical attention is provided to our employee and our customers are fully informed
  • of the situation. HRES will manage and monitor all work-related injuries, as well as provide the client and employee with any
  • documentation needed.
  • Injuries must be reported within 24 hours to ensure medical treatment to the injured employee.
  • We will be provide our injured employee seeking medial treatment with an "Authorization for Treatment" form and the approved treatment facilitie(s) in the local area.

Return - To - Work Procedure:

The medical facility providing treatment will initiate documentation determining as to when the employee can return work and what restrictions if any are required for the returning employee. Please note that client will be kept informed as to the injured employee's recovery status and timeframe as to when the employee will be able to return to work.

Medical and Exposure Record Access

All employees have the right to request and review their work related personal medical records. Request forms are available to each employee through the program administrator.

Safety Training Program:

HR Employment Solutions provides basic safety training in English and Spanish for both office and industrial employees assigned to your company.  The training will encompass a variety of tools ranging from flyers, booklets, videos, and quiz/tests to evaluate the employees acquired skill in various facets of On-The-Job safety.  Additional safety training and topics will be provided on a quarterly basis as well as for those needing a refresher course.

  • Office Safety
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment For Employees
  • Food Safety And Personal Hygiene
  • Safety Orientation For Healthcare
  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse For Employees
  • First Aid Safety
  • Workplace Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Heat Stress Safety
  • Back Safety
  • Slips, Trips, And Falls
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Safety Orientation For Janitorial
  • Driving Safety
  • Safety Orientation
  • The Forklift Workshop
  • Forklift Operator Safety Training For Construction
  • Safety Orientation For Construction
  • Lock-out / Tag-out
  • Eye Safety / Protection
  • Preventing Workplace Violence
  • additional topics provided upon request

For more information and/or to schedule training sessions call us today at 956.568.3466



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