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  • Your Key to Customer Satisfaction: Start the new year off with learning the basics of exceptional service using the 5 Service First Principle. This is the overview of managing Total Quality Service. 
  • Caring for your Coworkers… Developing Teamwork : Knowing your internal customer’s needs means listening. Learn how to merge efforts with colleagues and coworkers to offer customers better solutions and better experiences. 
  • Managing Complaints and Angry Customers: Is it sheer luck or can you plan how you will handle irate customers? Develop skills to solve problems, take care of complaints and deal with angry customers. How to solve complaints immediately and how to handle complex problems. 
  • The Language (and power) of Positive Communication: Have you heard of the expression, “April showers bring May flowers?” Learn how position actions promote positive energy to the workplace. Discuss methods and develop ideas to generate positive interactions with customers and team members that boost morale and improve productivity. 
  • Say What…? Effective Questioning and Listening Techniques: Lean how to detect precisely what customers need and expect. Skills for asking questions, listening with precision and to confirm that one is fully understood. 
  • Going from Good to Great…Exceed Customer Expectations: How to stand out from the competition. How to run the “extra mile” of service. How to do more than what people expect to make your service from good to extraordinary. 
  • Value-Add Service: Do you want to add “fireworks” to your delivering of customer service? Discover keys to add value to your customer service: How to go beyond the rules to offer the unexpected. How to use positive surprise elements to earn the respect and loyalty of customers. 
  • Ring, Ring - Effective Phone Techniques: How to serve customers appropriately during phone, fax and voice mail contacts. The video tackles all the elements of communication: from facial expressions and body language to the pace, tone and volume of the voice. 
  • The Art of Satisfying Customers: Strategies to maintain customers and to make them return more than once. How to make satisfied customers into "raving fans" of your company. To attract new customers through free word-of-mouth advertising. 
  • Service Recovery: How to turn service problems and difficult situations into positive experiences that ensure customers will return. Encompasses problem solving skills, acknowledgment of fault and the action necessary to redeem the customer's satisfaction. Techniques to save the relationship after a mistake was made or something came out wrong. 
  • Empowerment …Giving Thanks to our Employees, It’s the Little Things!: Learn how to empower (grant decision power) all your personnel to place customers above internal rules and procedures. Guidelines to assume responsibility in the face of problems and to resolve unexpected problems immediately, using common sense. Employees will be “thankful”! 
  • Total Quality Service: Reviews the essential ideas in the previous eleven videos. Techniques to do things well, always and from the first time. Tools for efficiently managing the service improvement process. Prescribes techniques for internally managing the process of exceptional customer service and controlling customer service outcomes. Provides motivation for your staff and employees to continually improve their service skills. 


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